The Journey To Fitness & Travel Fusion

Hello and welcome to HotelsWithGym.org! I’m Calvin Jones, the heart and soul behind this platform. My own story with travel is intertwined with a passion for health and fitness, a fusion that inspired the creation of this website.

I’ve journeyed through continents, exploring myriad cultures and landscapes. Yet, one consistent challenge I faced was maintaining my fitness regimen while on the move. I found myself in countless cities, having to choose between a comfortable hotel or one with a proper gym facility. It wasn’t long before I realized that many others faced the same dilemma.

Our Mission

At HotelsWithGym.org, we believe that travel shouldn’t compromise your commitment to health and wellness. Our platform is meticulously curated to ensure that wherever you go, your fitness journey remains uninterrupted.

Here’s what we aspire to deliver:

  1. Comprehensive Gym Listings – Every hotel we feature boasts a top-tier gym facility. From state-of-the-art cardio machines to comprehensive weight stations, we ensure you’re not missing out on your workouts.
  2. Authentic Guest Reviews – Real reviews from fellow fitness enthusiasts help you gauge the actual quality and range of equipment available. With honest feedback, you can trust you’re making the right choice.
  3. Diverse Options – Whether you’re looking for luxury resorts with spa and wellness centers or budget stays with basic gym facilities, we’ve got you covered.
  4. Fitness-Focused Insights – Along with hotel listings, our platform provides articles, tips, and local running routes, ensuring a holistic fitness experience for our users.

A Community Of Fit Travelers

We’re not just a hotel booking platform; we’re a growing community. Our team, along with our users, constantly shares insights, advice, and stories that inspire and guide the fitness journeys of many.

Join us, be it for a business trip, a vacation, or just a weekend escape. Remain devoted to your fitness goals without compromising on the quality of your stay.

If you have feedback, questions, or personal fitness travel stories to share, we’re always eager to hear from our community.

Stay fit, travel more, and remember, every destination is an opportunity to push your limits.


Calvin Jones 🌍💪🏨

Resisting The Green Dragon: My Story

Welcome to Resisting The Green Dragon, the digital sanctuary of Calvin Jones. This space stands as a testament to his dedication to the intersection of Christian philosophy and contemporary cultural dialogue. Let’s delve into the journey of the man behind this platform.

Who is Calvin Jones?

Calvin Jones, at his core, is a devoted Christian philosopher with a passion for unraveling the tapestry of our contemporary world through the lens of Christian teachings. Having pursued rigorous studies in both theology and philosophy, Calvin combines academic rigor with deep-seated faith, resulting in a unique perspective that is both enlightening and challenging.

Over the years, Calvin has authored numerous books, delivered lectures across the world, and engaged in spirited debates to advance the understanding of Christian philosophy in the context of the modern era.

What is “Resisting The Green Dragon”?

In a rapidly evolving world, there are many ideologies and movements that intersect with Christian beliefs. One such trend is the environmental movement, which, in its extreme forms, is sometimes referred to as the “Green Dragon” – an allegory for the challenges it poses to traditional Christian beliefs.

“Resisting The Green Dragon” isn’t an anti-environmental platform. It is, however, a space that seeks to critically analyze the environmental movement through a Christian lens, ensuring that believers understand the nuances and are well-equipped to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Calvin believes that stewardship of the Earth is a divine responsibility, but he also posits that it’s essential to approach this duty with a discerning heart and a clear understanding of God’s Word. This platform examines the crossroads of faith and environmentalism, offering insights, discussions, and resources to navigate this complex landscape.

Join The Conversation

Whether you’re someone curious about the confluence of Christianity and environmentalism or a believer seeking a deeper understanding of how to address environmental issues from a faith-based perspective, this platform is for you.

Join Calvin Jones in this enlightening journey, partake in discussions, access resources, and together, let’s explore the intricate dance of faith in a changing world.


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